Alice’s Curious Railroad: Ride Concept

Writing/Design Examples
alicecurtainak.gifI have always loved the stories of Alice’s adventures in wonderland. Like Alice, I have always envisioned a world of my own.  I wanted to design an attraction that would bring to life a daydream Alice may have while traveling across country. The idea of letting your imagination wonder while gazing out of a train window really appealed to me.
The ride would use augmented reality glasses. This technology would allow riders to gaze out of a window onto the real english countryside, when suddenly animated characters are appearing in the real world! The ride would have guests traveling in a miniature version of a steam engine train; similar to the Disneyland Railroad.


Attraction Concept Video:


Attraction Storyboard Layout:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 12.13.17 AM


Inspirational Art:

Interior of the railroad train


Mad tea party. Art design has a victorian influence that I like. 


Alice and the Caterpillar.


Alice and the Cheshire Cat