Alice’s Curious Railroad: Ride Concept

Writing/Design Examples
I have always loved the stories of Alice’s adventures in wonderland. This attraction would place riders into a daydream Alice is having on a train ride across country. Guests would climb aboard a train that would travel through beautiful British inspired gardens, farms and forests. As riders look out the window they see Alice’s wondrous world coming to life!
The ride would use augmented reality glasses. This technology would allow riders to see the animated characters of wonderland blended into the real life landscapes! The ride would have guests traveling in a miniature version of a steam engine train; similar to the Disneyland Railroad. The experience would be accompanied by music from the 1951 Disney film combined with an original narration from the character Alice.
Attraction Concept Video:


Attraction Storyboard Layout:

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 12.13.17 AM