Film lessons applied to non film projects.

Sparks of Inspiration
A rule for being creative is to be constantly learning. Sometimes those lessons can be learned from one medium and applied to another. Film has taught me allot about theme park design, especially Pixar. At Pixar the “art challenges technology and the technology challenges the art.” Through an immense amount of innovation and complex story the talented team at Pixar are able to transport viewers to a new world. This philosophy is what I try to do with my projects and within the theme park industry. Theme park attractions are all about immersion and storytelling; we stride to immerse riders into great stories. There are many lessons from film that can be implemented into designing an attraction. Director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo and Wall-E) did a fantastic TED talk that discusses the clues to telling a great story. Take a listen, even if your not into film these lessons can come in handy for theme park design, creative writing and simply understanding the connections we all have within humanity.

Projection Mapping

Sparks of Inspiration
Projection mapping will no longer be a theme park exclusive! Lightform Projection has found a way to bring this technology to everyone’s home, in a way that is simple to use. This is extremely exciting because allot of innovative effects can be created using this projection process. Illusions for Halloween parties, Christmas events or anything your imagination can conjure up! This will definitively be used in one of my projects in the future.
In the video below the team from TESTED showcase the new technology.