E.T. Halloween Puppet

The objective of this project was to construct a prop/ puppet of the character E.T from Spielberg’s film (E.T. The Extraterrestrial)
 I used materials found at my local craft store to bring E.T to life.

E.T started as a simple foam cone. The cone will be used to support E.T’s head. The head was shaped using stuffing. Once I got the shape I wanted the stuffing was held together using packaging tape. 


The head shape was fastened to the cone using a hot glue gun. These simple shapes will act as E.T’s head and neck. They will be placed in the crate and covered with a bed sheet.


The E.T frame inside the crate. The frame had to be elevated from underneath to match ET’s proper height.


E.T frame inside the crate.


E.T’s eyes were a key feature for this puppet. In the film Spielberg talks about the importance of E.T’s eyes, how they see into his soul. The eyes would be seen through small holes cut in the bed sheet. The eyes were printed onto gloss paper to give a more reflective look. 


 E.T is disguised as a kid dressed as a ghost for Halloween. As a nod to the film I added a box of Reese’s into E.T’s hand. Inside the crate I had a small Bluetooth speaker which created the illusion that E.T was talking under the sheet.


A light feature was added inside the crate. 

Video-chat with Adam Savage : Showcasing the finished prop/ puppet.

Video-chat with Adam Savage.
(former co-host of Discovery Channel Mythbusters)