Home Attraction : JURASSIC WORLD Virtual Reality

Personal Projects

The following project was created for personal development only.

Using the Oculus Go I built a VR ride based on the Universal film : Jurassic World


Patrick Fragale Jr. Ready for a safari in Jurassic World.

 Custom media was created for this project. Once finished the media was viewed through an Oculus Go headset. Themed effects including : Water, scent, fans and seat rumble were used to enhance the ride experience.

(Project Videos: Original Animation Demo)

(Project Videos: Making of the Original Animation)

(Project Construction Photos)


4/4/19 – This room will be transformed into a space for the VR ride.


4/4/19 – The room was painted a dark grey color.


4/11/19 – The room is fully painted. The two center platforms have been joined together. These will act as the base for the entire VR project.


6/2/19  – The platforms have been painted grey. Further in the project the platforms will have details painted over it to enhance the theming.


6/8/19 – Late night trip to a hardware store. Supplies purchased to create Jurassic World.


6/12/19 – These wooden panels will frame the platforms. Each will be painted using the Jurassic World color scheme of grey, blue and white.


6/12/19 – Panels have received their first white coat.


6/12/19 – The painter tape is used to map out the design wanted on these panels.


6/12/19 – The outside of the tape is painted dark grey, while the inside is painted sky blue. 


6/12/19 – Once the paint has dried the tape is removed, revealing the white lines.


6/12/19 – The wooden panels have been installed along the platform.


6/15/19 – These smaller wooden panels will be used to inclose the sides of the platform. These panels were painted using the same approach and design as the larger panels.


6/18/19 – These wooden frames will be themed to be a paddock in Jurassic World. The seat guests ride on will be placed inside this paddock. The fans, scent boxes and other effects will be mounted onto these frames.


6/18/19  – Another look at the paddock frames. These will be joined together.


6/26/19 – The paddock has started to take shape. To aid guests with motion sickness a handrail was constructed in front of them to hold onto.


6/26/19 – Another view of the handrail.


7/2/19 – The paddock has been fully enclosed and painted. Guests will sit inside this area while experiencing the attraction.


7/2/19 – Another view of the enclosed paddock. In the bottom center, a wooden post has been placed. This post is the base for a small stone curb.


7/5/19 – The wooden post has now been painted black. Small holes have been drilled into the post. Fake plants will be slid into these holes.


7/10/19 – Using liquid nails, small stones have started to be placed around the wooden post. This is my first time working with stone and liquid nails. The process had its challenges.


7/10/19 – Backside view of the stone.


7/17/19 – Front view of the partially complete stone curb. Themed aging and fake plants still need to be applied.


7/20/19 – The first pole has been fastened to the ground. These poles will be themed to electric fences in Jurassic World. Their function is to support the lighting fixtures for the set.


7/23/19 – The poles have been painted sky blue to match the theming of the area.


7/26/19 – Aging to the poles. I used a black and grey paint mixture. Once the paint was partially dry I smeared it across the post. This created an effect of dirt and wear and tear on the posts.


7/30/19 – This same aging effect was applied to the panels surrounding the platform.


8/2/19 – The base is complete with construction and paint. The area will now be themed to Jurassic World using props and lights. The podium constructed in the back of the platform will be used to hold the VR headset.


8/5/19 – Using black, grey and white paint, a gravel texture was applied to the platform.  This created the illusion that the themed area is located outside.


8/7/19 – More details have been added surrounding the paddock.


8/7/19 – A themed poster was added to the podium.

IMG_0049 copy.jpg

8/12/19 – Themed lighting has been added to the set. The fake plants have now been installed into the curb post.

IMG_0051 copy.jpg

8/15/19 – More props and theme elements have been added to the podium. Notice the raptor toy and the can of Barbosal shaving cream. The monitor displayed a “live video feed” of the safari.

“The live video feed animation loop” – Animation Credit : Universal Studios.

IMG_0048 copy.jpg

8/21/19  -Testing has started on the project. The head was used to act as a person wearing the VR headset. This allowed me to practice getting riders on and off, as well as timing the effects.


8/21/19 – Another view of testing in progress.

IMG_0046 copy.jpg

8/27/19 – The project is complete. Guests (and myself) can now visit Jurassic World!


8/30/19 – Opening Day! Guests taking their own safari in Jurassic World.


8/30/19 – Guests enjoying the experience. Patrick Fragale operating ride (left corner).


8/30/19 – Adults and kids alike enjoyed their trip to Jurassic World!


8/30/19 – On ride Photo.


This project was for creative purpose only. Universal Studios owns all rights. Jurassic World.

Home Attraction: “UP” and Over the Horizon

Personal Projects

(The following project was created for personal development only.)

(Project Videos)

Completed Project Overview:


(Project Construction Photos)


03/02/18 – Construction began on what will become Carl’s clubhouse. This image shows the framework for the queue area and house interior.


03/02/18 – These walls will become a separate room that will act as a holding area for riders.


03/15/18 – The frame work begins on the windows of Carl’s clubhouse. This will be the attraction’s main illusion.


03/17/18 – Monitors will be placed inside these small boxes. Guests will view the monitor through a window. The glass in the framework of the window will be a magnifying sheet; this will magnify the monitor to give the illusion that guests are looking out of a real window.


04/03/18 – (Backside view) The framework for the two separate rooms has been completed.


04/07/18 – Framework for the walls around the windows has started being constructed.


04/07/18 – Window framework (second view)


04/11/18 – This will become the window that guests look out of while riding.


04/17/18  – The first room (Queue Room) has begun getting the first layer of paint. The color scheme is inspired by the colors of a sky.


04/20/18 – A pattern of stripes will be painted on the walls. The stripes were accomplished using painters tape.


04/ 21/18 – First section of stripes is completed.

Above is a test video of the magnifying window illusion: 04/23/18.


04/23/18 – Outside view of window being tested.


04/23/18 – Inside view of the window being tested.


04/27/18 – Stripes completed for queue room.


04/28/18 – The wood surrounding the queue room has been painted dark blue.


04/28/18 – Closeup on stripes.


05/06/18 – Interior walls for Carl’s clubhouse have been put up. The walls are built out of a mixture of wood and cardboard.


05/06/18 – Back view of the interior of Carl’s clubhouse.


05/13/18 – The wooden window frames that will surround the window guests view out of. The ride was inspired by the look of miniatures and doll houses.


05/15/18 – The wooden frames have been added to the left and right side of the window.


05/15/18 – Closeup of the window.


05/19/18 – The queue area will be covered with photos and postcards inspired by Ellie’s adventure book.


05/19/18 – One of the finished collages that will hang on the walls in the queue room.


06/05/18  –  These wooden board will be at the base of Carl’s clubhouse.


06/08/18 – A elevated platform was built to be installed by the viewing area in the ride. Shorter riders will be able to stand on this platform to allow them to see outside the windows.


06/15/18 – The pictures have been installed in the queue area.


06/15/18 – A small tribute to the heart of the film is located inside the exit path of the ride.


06/20/18 – A cleanup view of the near complete queue area.


06/27/18 –  These small pink wooden houses are used as tiling in Carl’s Clubhouse.  These small details enhance the story and overall experience of the ride.


07/02/18 – The interior of Carl’s Clubhouse begins to get props and details.


07/02/18 – The left side of Carl’s clubhouse is dedicated to Carl. Notice the silhouette photo of carl, his balloon salesman hat and the coupon for denture cream tucked behind the picture frame.


07/05/18 – The left side of Carl’s Clubhouse is dedicated to Ellie. Notice the bird tiles, flowers, silhouette photo and bird house.


07/10/18 – Overall view of Carl’s Clubhouse.

(Project Media)

Original Animation Credit: Cody Reanu & Patrick Fragale.
Segments/Images from : Disney- PIXAR’S “UP.”
 How the custom animation was created. Speaking Credit: Cody Reanu.


(Disney & Pixar own all rights. Creative purpose only)

Home Attraction: Guardians of the Galaxy.

Personal Projects

(The following project was created for personal development only)

(Project Videos)

Finished Project (Ride through video) :

(“Lights on”) Behind the scenes tour of how the ride operated:

(Project Construction Photos)


3/01/17. Construction Begins! All the lights, wood and paint was bought prior to construction. Everything is laid out and ready to begin the process of bringing the ride to life.


3/05/17 – The base for the “Arcade game” was laid down. Rising 7″ above the ground, this elevations allows the riders to see over the front wall. The chair was placed to get an idea of the height line for the riders. Soon this base will be walled in.


3/07/17 – The frame surrounding the base has began to take shape.

Below is a time lapse video of the framework being constructed.



3/15/17 – A backwards view looking at the frame that will surround the riders. An opening was left on the far left side of this image to allow riders to get in and out of the “arcade game”.


3/20/17 – This is a collection of paint samples for the arcade game. The colors needed to be vibrant and retro. I ultimately decided on the colors Blue and orange. These colors mimic the color scheme used on “Star-Lord’s” ship in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.


4/5/17 – These crazy shapes are designed to look like a computer chip. In the ride’s story the arcade game was constructed using alien technology, so the designs had to appear to be from another planet. The shapes were created using painters tape then were painted orange. Once dried the  tape would be removed to reveal the strange shapes.


4/6/17 – The tape has been removed and the shapes are revealed.


3/8/17 – The same design and color scheme was carried through the entire arcade game structure.




4/15/17 –  The entire front of the arcade game is completed with the color scheme. More construction will be built upon this structure. This section had to be painted and completed first before more could be added on top of it.


4/20/17 – The inside of the arcade game has began the paint scheme as well. Special effects will soon be installed into this area, yet again everything needed to be painted prior to this.


4/27/17 – Painting continues..



15 .jpg

5/02/17 – The arcade game’s base and frame has completed its paint job. The back section is complete. Another layer of construction will begin on the front to add the window that guests will be looking out of while riding.

16 .jpg

5/10/17 – The framework for what will become the arcade game’s window has gone vertical. The max height reaches 8′ from the ground up.

17 .jpg

5/ 20 /17 – The windows frame is completed and finished with the color scheme. The middle and top sections of the window are not painted. This is because they will have fake medal attached to them to give the structure a more arcade game feel.

18 .jpg

5/ 20/ 17 – This window was a challenge during the construction process. The window is 8′ in height and 8′ wide. A piece of wood needed to go across the entire 8′ window to frame in the view.  A piece that large could not fit through the door into this room. Ultimately I cut the sheet in half and re-attached them in the center on the back. This created the illusion of the wood being one solid piece.

19 .jpg

6/ 02 / 17 – These strange designs will be surrounding the room. The designs were inspired by 1980s art of outer-space / Sci-Fi concepts. These were constructed out of cardboard and would be painted with a chrome paint to appear to be much heavy and industrial then the material they are made out of.

20 .jpg

6/07/17 – A finished piece, hung in place inside the room. There will be five of these total surrounding the space of the ride. The ride takes place in the fictional “Galactic Arcadia”, an arcade from the 1980s. These designs have a retro feel to them, which compliments the world of Guardians of the Galaxy.


6 / 14/ 17 – More of these structures surround the room. All vary in sizes. The largest being 7′ tall and the smallest 3′ tall.


6/20/17 – Glow in the dark stars were added to the arcade game’s window. The glow in the dark stars were chosen for the retro space theme. Although there are better effects at creating stars, these fit the story; an 1980s kids arcade.

23 .jpg

6/25/17 – A complete view of the near complete arcade game structure.

Special lighting effects were used on the ride. To create the illusion of real stars fiber optics were installed into the front section of the game. Below is a time lapse of these lights being installed.
How: A small hole was drilled into the wood. The tiny fiber optics were thread through the hole. The fiber optics were fastened by gorilla tape on the backside of each hole. The fiber optics were then cut at the front end.


26 .jpg

7 / 01/ 17 – The front view of the fiber optic lights. Notice how some strands have been cut while others haven’t

25 .jpg

7/01/17 – The back view of the fiber optic lights.


7/10/17 – The bench that riders will sit on has been installed and painted to match the color scheme. Also the fan effect has been installed.


7/13/17 – More theming to the arcade! These banners were installed to give the arcade more of a rich theme. Also above the arcade window an image of the guardians has been placed. This image was to feature all the characters and was inspired by art typically found on vintage arcade games.

29 .jpg

7 / 25/ 17 – Construction is complete and the ride has began show testing. The screen could be seen through the opening in the window. This image was taken during lighting tests.

30 .jpg

7/30/17 – On ride photo.  The top section of stars are projected, the bottom section are the fiber optics. In the show lighting these two elements (projection/fiber optics) blend to create an immersive view of the stars in the cosmos.

31 .jpg

7/30/17 – On ride photo. The rides finale. Star-Lord has been reunited with his walkman and the guardians gather to thank the riders for helping rocket raccoon! (Animation in this scene Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!)


Original animation credit: Cody Reanu/ Patrick Fragale.
Segments from : Disney-MARVEL Guardians of the Galaxy MISSION BREAKOUT!
(Disney & MARVEL own rights to all characters. This project was for creative purpose only.)


Home Attraction: Peter Pan: “You Can Fly!”

Personal Projects

(The following project was created for personal development only)

(Project Construction Photos)



Construction Begins. 4/20/15: The area was cleared and the base of what will become the nursery set is in place. The frame for what will become the window looking out over London is locked into the room base. The room will be built around the window.


The room begins to take shape. 4/25/15 :The walls were all framed out and are starting to come up. Walls will be on the left and right side, and front of room. The back will be left open to operate the flying seats and effects.


The ride car that will “fly” guests to Neverland 5/2/15:  I used a donated electrical powered wheel chair for the base. I built the frame of the bench and attached it to the base. Using the functions of the chair, I will be able to move riders up and down.


The room set being painted. 5/8/15: The room is framed out complete with a roof. The walls of the Nursery set will match the wallpaper found in the animated Walt Disney film Peter Pan.


The hand painted wallpaper. 5/10/15: To get the room to look like it does in the animated film required me to hand paint the wallpaper design. I did this by mapping the design with painters tape then selecting the colors that matched the ones used in the film.


Frame work on wheelchair “Ride car” 5/15/15: The ride car design took inspiration from the opening scene of the film. John and Michael build a ship out of their bed posts and sheets, to play make believe. I thought this was the perfect design to fly my guests to Neverland.


Finished Ride car. 5/19/15: The sail frame is complete, and ready to begin testing. A skirt was added to fully hide the mechanics of the wheelchair. From behind the chair I could operate its up and down movements.


Early testing of the effects. 5/26/15: A projection of Peter Pan’s shadow would come across the wall just before the ride car takes flight. This is an early test of that effect.

 This was an early test for a Tinker Bell effect. Using a scrim material I projected Tinker Bell flying back and forth spilling Pixie dust. The dim lit room and the scrim created the illusion that Tinker Bell was really floating in the room.


A cutout of Big Ben, painted with UV Paint. 6/5/15: The view outside of the nursery window will recreate the London skyline. Big Ben is printed on a foam board and cut out. Then painted over with UV lighting.


The finished nursery set. 6/21/15: The room is complete. The kids have been added into their bed. The thin black scrim above the kids will have Tinker Bell projected onto it. The focus is now on testing and animation before friends and family can ride.


View Outside the window. 7/2/15: The London skyline was rear projected behind the cutout of Big Ben. The clouds are cotton that I sprayed with glow paint. A scrim hangs in-front of the screen, with glow painted clouds on the scrim. This created a layered effect. Big Ben was in the foreground, clouds were in mid-ground and projection was in background. The finished result gave a 3D effect with no glasses. When the riders take flight, they will see Wendy, John and Michael flying outside the window.


The little details. 7/10/15: In the film John and Michael draw a pirate map on their fathers shirt. This is a replica of that map, along with the thimble that Wendy gives to Peter Pan as a “kiss”.


The details tell a story. 7/10/15:  I went to multiple antique stores searching for toys from the era of Peter Pan. These blocks matched the ones found in the film! In the film the kids father trips on these blocks after the “nanny” dog Nana just stacked them. Also I hid a PF on the left side for my name.


The pixie dust effect. 7/13/15: The pixie dust was a simple effect that was very convincing. Tiny pin holes were drilled into the wall. Amber colored lights behind the wall peeked through the pin holes, creating the effect of Pixie Dust!


Pixie dust effect (in show). 7/17/15: This is how the effect looked while on the ride. As the pixie dust began to shine the lights in the room dimmed. In this darkness the chair began to lift off the ground simulating the riders taking flight.


Star effects for Never Neverland. 7/23/15: After the chair lifted off the ground the screen changed to show Neverland. Tiny lasers created the starry dream world of Never-Land. At this point riders were off the ground and floating in a sea of stars.

(Project Media)

Original Custom Animation Credit: Cody Reanu.
Segments/ Images : Disney’s Peter Pan.
Before people took flight on the attraction, a short Pre-show movie played. Disney fans will notice how this short film was inspired by the classic Walt Disney and Tinker Bell segment from the Disneyland Tv show. Film/Edit credit: Cody Reanu.
(Disney owns all characters. This project was for creative purpose only)