Video-chat with Adam Savage.

I had the thrill of sharing my E.T. puppet with Adam Savage.

(former co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters)

SiliCon with Adam Savage brings together entertainment, pop culture, science and maker communities like never before.


The following project was created for personal development only.
Using an Oculus (Go) I created a virtual experience.


(Patrick) is ready for a safari in Jurassic World.

 Custom media was viewed through an Oculus (Go) headset.

Water, scent, wind and seat rumble effects were used to enhance the ride.

Project Media
Custom animation reel: Cody Reanu / Patrick Fragale

 Making of the Original Animation

Project Construction Photos


4/4/19 – This area will be transformed into a room for the VR ride.


4/4/19 – The room was painted a dark grey color.


4/11/19 – Final painted room. The center platform will act as the stage for the VR project.


6/2/19  – The platforms have been painted grey.


6/8/19 – Supplies purchased to create Jurassic World.


6/12/19 – These wooden panels will frame the platform. Each panel will be painted using the Jurassic World color scheme of grey, blue and white.


6/12/19 – Panels have received their first white coat.


6/12/19 – The painters tape is used to outline the design wanted on these panels.


6/12/19 – The outside of the tape is painted dark grey, while the inside is painted light blue.


6/12/19 – Once the paint has dried the tape is removed, revealing finished design.


6/12/19 – The wooden panels have been installed along the platform.


6/15/19 – These smaller wooden panels will be used to enclose the sides of the platform.


6/18/19 – Guests will sit within a small area themed to a paddock found in Jurassic World. This is the early framework of that paddock.


6/18/19  – Another look at the paddock frames. These will be joined together.


6/26/19 – The paddock has started to take shape. To aid guests with motion sickness a handrail was constructed for them to hold onto.


6/26/19 – Another view of the handrail.


7/2/19 – The paddock has been fully enclosed and painted.


7/2/19 – Front view of the enclosed paddock.


7/5/19 – A wooden post has been installed on the floor. This will be themed to a stone curb.


7/10/19 – Using liquid nails, small stones have started to be placed around the wooden post. This is my first time working with these materials. The process had its challenges.


7/10/19 – Backside view of the stone curb.


7/17/19 – Front view of the partially complete stone curb.


7/20/19 – The first pole has been fastened to the ground. These poles will be themed to electric fences in Jurassic World. Their function is to support the lighting fixtures for the set.


7/23/19 – The poles have been painted light blue to continue the color scheme.


7/26/19 – Aging to the poles. I mixed black and grey paint. Once the paint was partially dry I smeared it across the post. This created an effect of wear and tear on the posts.


7/30/19 – More aging effects were applied to the panels surrounding the platform.


8/2/19 – The base is complete with construction and paint. The area will now be themed to Jurassic World using props and lights. The podium constructed in the back of the platform will be used to hold the VR headset.


8/5/19 – Using black, grey and white paint, a gravel texture was applied to the platform.


8/7/19 – More details have been added surrounding the paddock.


8/7/19 – A themed poster was added to the podium.

IMG_0049 copy.jpg

8/12/19 – Themed lighting has been installed along with fake plants.

IMG_0051 copy.jpg

8/15/19 – More props and theme elements have been added to the podium. Notice the raptor toy and the can of Barbosal shaving cream. The monitor displayed a “live video feed” of the safari.

"The live video feed loop" - animation credit : Universal Studios.

IMG_0048 copy.jpg

8/21/19  -Testing has started on the project. The head was used to act as a person wearing the VR headset. This allowed me to practice getting riders on and off, as well as timing the effects.


8/21/19 – second view of testing.

IMG_0046 copy.jpg

8/27/19 – Finished view. In show lighting.


8/30/19 – Opening Day! Guests taking their own safari in Jurassic World.


8/30/19 – Guests enjoying the experience. Patrick Fragale operating ride (left corner).


8/30/19 – Adults and kids alike enjoyed their trip to Jurassic World!


8/30/19 – On ride Photo.


This project was for creative purpose only.

Universal Studios owns all rights. Jurassic World.

Inside the Magic: Featured Article

For a second time one of my creations was featured on In this article, Michael Gavin of Inside the Magic explains how I designed and constructed an original project based on “Guardians of the Galaxy!”  Having a second article featured on ITM is truly thrilling. I want to personally thank everyone at ITM who made that happen. I hope everyone enjoys the exciting article!
You can view the article HERE

E.T. Halloween Puppet

The objective of this project was to construct a prop/ puppet of the character E.T from Spielberg’s film (E.T. The Extraterrestrial)
 I used materials found at my local craft store to bring E.T to life.

E.T started as a simple foam cone. The cone will be used to support E.T’s head. The head was shaped using stuffing. Once I got the shape I wanted the stuffing was held together using packaging tape. 


The head shape was fastened to the cone using a hot glue gun. These simple shapes will act as E.T’s head and neck. They will be placed in the crate and covered with a bed sheet.


The E.T frame inside the crate. The frame had to be elevated from underneath to match ET’s proper height.


E.T frame inside the crate.


E.T’s eyes were a key feature for this puppet. In the film Spielberg talks about the importance of E.T’s eyes, how they see into his soul. The eyes would be seen through small holes cut in the bed sheet. The eyes were printed onto gloss paper to give a more reflective look. 


 E.T is disguised as a kid dressed as a ghost for Halloween. As a nod to the film I added a box of Reese’s into E.T’s hand. Inside the crate I had a small Bluetooth speaker which created the illusion that E.T was talking under the sheet.


A light feature was added inside the crate. 

Video-chat with Adam Savage : Showcasing the finished prop/ puppet.

Video-chat with Adam Savage.
(former co-host of Discovery Channel Mythbusters)

Pixar UP Project

The following project was created for personal development only

Project Video

Completed Project Overview:


Project Construction Photos


03/02/18 – Construction began on what will become Carl’s clubhouse. The (L) shape design allowed me to break the small space up into two separate areas. The first area will act as the queue space, while the second will be the actual ride area.


03/02/18 – Walls go up to separate the two rooms. This will become the queue area.


03/15/18 –  For this project I designed a magnifying window illusion box.


03/17/18 – Monitors will be placed inside these small boxes. Guests will view the monitor through a magnifying sheet; this will give the illusion that guests are looking out a real window.


04/03/18 – (Backside view) The framework for the two separate rooms has been completed.


04/07/18 – Framework for the walls around the windows has started being constructed.


04/07/18 – Window framework (second view)


04/11/18 – Each window viewpoint was cutout of foam board.


04/17/18  – The queue area has started being painted. The color scheme represents the blue sky.


04/20/18 – A pattern of stripes was created using painters tape.


04/ 21/18 – First section of stripes is completed.

Below is a test of the magnifying window illusion. 04/23/18


04/23/18 – Outside view of window illusion box.


04/23/18 – backside/inside view of the window illusion box.


04/27/18 – Paint completed in queue room.


04/28/18 – Queue room second view.


04/28/18 – Closeup on stripes.


05/06/18 – Interior walls for Carl’s clubhouse have been put up. The walls were constructed using a mix of foam and wood. This allowed the weight to be reduced.


05/06/18 – Back view of the interior of Carl’s clubhouse.


05/13/18 – Miniature (wooden) window panels will surround the magnifying window illusion box. These panels were used to give the room a dollhouse feel.


05/15/18 – Window panels installed.


05/15/18 – Closeup of the window.


05/19/18 – The queue area will feature framed photos and postcards inspired by Ellie’s adventure book.


05/19/18 – One of the finished collages that will hang on the walls in the queue room.


06/05/18  –  Wood panels for Carl’s Clubhouse painted sky blue.


06/08/18 – An elevated platform was built for the viewing area in the ride. Shorter riders will be able to stand on this platform to allow them to see outside the window.


06/15/18 – The collages have been installed in the queue area.


06/15/18 – A small tribute to the heart of the film is located within the exit path.


06/20/18 – A cleanup view of the near complete queue area.


06/27/18 –  These small pink wooden houses are used as tiling in Carl’s Clubhouse.


07/02/18 – The interior of Carl’s Clubhouse with props and themed details.


07/02/18 – The left side of Carl’s clubhouse is dedicated to Carl. Notice the silhouette photo of carl, his balloon salesman hat and the coupon for denture cream tucked behind the picture frame.


07/05/18 – The left side of Carl’s Clubhouse is dedicated to Ellie. Notice the bird tiles, flowers, silhouette photo and bird house.


07/10/18 – Overall view of Carl’s Clubhouse.

Project Media
Original Animation Credit: Cody Reanu & Patrick Fragale.
Segments/Images from : Disney- PIXAR’S UP.

Creating the custom animation. Speaking credit: Cody Reanu.


Disney & Pixar own all rights. Creative purpose only

Guardians of the Galaxy Project

The following project was created for personal development only

(Project Videos)
Finished Project Ride through POV

"Lights on" Behind the scenes tour 

Project Construction Photos


3/01/17. The room is cleared for construction.


3/05/17 – The two wooden bases are repurposed from previous projects.  They are being used to frame out the area guests will ride/ view the attraction from.


3/07/17 – The viewing area will be enclosed. The chair is placed as a reference to the rider’s viewpoint.

Below is a time lapse of the base being enclosed.



3/15/17 – A backwards view looking at the base now enclosed.


3/20/17 – The color scheme for this project was inspired by arcade games of the 1980s.


4/5/17 – The final color scheme was copied from Star-Lord’s ship from the Guardians of the Galaxy films.


4/6/17 – Since the story of the attraction has guests entering an arcade game based on The Guardians of the Galaxy, the paint pattern is shaped like the inside of the computer chip.


3/8/17 – The same design and color scheme was carried through the entire structure.




4/15/17 –  Finished paint.


4/20/17 – The area will guests will view the attraction.


4/27/17 – Painting continues.



15 .jpg

5/02/17 – Finished ride base.

16 .jpg

5/10/17 – Framework for the screen. The height reaches 8′ from the ground.

17 .jpg

5/ 20 /17 – The frame that will surround the screen.

18 .jpg

5/ 20/ 17 – The frame’s height and width created a problem for the space I’m in. The frame measures 8′ wide and 8′ tall. The space I’m building in would not allow me to use one complete piece. The frame was cut in half and then reconstructed to fit through the door.

19 .jpg

6/ 02 / 17 – These cardboard cutouts were repurposed from a production at a community theater near me. They have a Sci-Fi design and will be repainted and themed to fit within the storyline.

20 .jpg

6/07/17 – A finished piece, hung in place within the set.


6 / 14/ 17 –  Various cardboard cutouts were hung along the set. Each varried in size, the largest being 7′ tall and the smallest 3′ tall.


6/20/17 – Glow in the dark stars were added to the frame. The glow in the dark stars were chosen to go along with the retro arcade game storyline.

23 .jpg

6/25/17 – A complete view of the near complete structure.

Time lapse : Installing fiber optic light effect


26 .jpg

7 / 01/ 17 – Front view of the fiber optic lights.

25 .jpg

7/01/17 – The back view of the fiber optic lights.


7/10/17 – Guests seating area. Special effects including wind and scent boxes were installed around this viewing area. These effects will be used during the experiance.


7/13/17 – Theming around the area.

29 .jpg

7 / 25/ 17 – Finished set in show lighting.

30 .jpg

7/30/17 – On ride photo.  The fiber optic stars seamlessly blend with the projected stars.

31 .jpg

7/30/17 – On ride photo. The rides finale. Guests come face to face with the Guardians of the Galaxy! (Animation in this scene from Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!)


Original animation: Cody Reanu/ Patrick Fragale.

(Disney & MARVEL own rights to all characters)
(This project was for creative purpose only.)

Peter Pan Project

The following project was created for personal development only.

 Media intro loop. Film credit : Cody Reanu.   Host : Patrick Fragale.

Project Construction Photos.



4/20/15: The base for the nursery set was constructed. The large wooden cabinet was found in an antique store. It will be repurposed as the window in the nursery.


4/25/15 : The nursery set will be fully enclosed. The right side wall has been constructed.


5/2/15:  A donated electric wheel chair was used for the base of the ride vehicle. A wooden frame was built over the wheel chair. The mechanics of the wheel chair will allow riders to rise and fall as if they are flying!


5/8/15: The nursery set is now fully enclosed. Painting has started on the right wall. The color scheme from the animated film will be matched.


5/10/15: The wallpaper design was hand painted. The stripe pattern was laid out using painters tape. Each color was carefully matched to the reference screen shots from the film.


5/15/15: The ride vehicle took inspiration from the opening scene of the animated film. In the film John and Michael build an imaginary ship out of their bed posts. The wooden frame was designed to look as if a child constructed it.


5/19/15: The finished ride vehicle. A skirt was added to fully hide the mechanics of the wheelchair. The chair was operated from the open wall behind.


5/26/15: This is an early test of a projection effect used in the project. Peter Pan’s shadow would fly in and out of the room.

Below is an early test of the Tinker Bell projection effect

The animation was projected onto a scrim material.


6/5/15: The view outside of the nursery set window will recreate the London skyline. Big Ben is printed on a foam board and painted over with UV lighting.


6/21/15: The finished nursery set.


7/2/15: The finished view outside the nursery set window. The London skyline was rear projected behind the cutout of Big Ben. The clouds (above) are cotton stuffing that was sprayed with glow in the dark paint. Black lights were used to create the glow effect.


7/10/15: Small story details in the set. John and Michael’s drawn treasure map. The thimble (Kiss) Wendy gives to Peter Pan.


7/10/15:  The props within the set were bought/ found in various antique stores.


7/13/15:  A simple yet effective illusion was used for the pixie dust. Small pin sized holes were drilled into the walls of the set. When lit from behind the light peeks through creating the illusion of pixie dust.


7/17/15: Pixie dust effect under show lights.


7/23/15: A laser effect was blended with animation to create the world of Neverland.

Project Media
Original Custom Animation Credit: Cody Reanu
Segments/ Images : Disney’s Peter Pan.

Disney owns all characters.
This project was for creative purpose only


Inside the Magic: Featured article

One of my creations had the privilege of being featured on In this article, Michael Gavin of Inside the Magic explains how I re-created my favorite Disneyland attraction Peter Pan’s flight in my own home. The project came to life with the use of innovative engineering, many trips to LOWES and a little bit of pixie dust. Being a loyal fan to the Inside the Magic site, having the chance to showcase my work to the Disney community was truly sublime.
You can view the article here.