E.T. Halloween Costume.

Small Projects


For Halloween 2018 I decided to go as the young boy Elliot accompanied by E.T. dressed as a ghost! Inspired by my favorite scene from Spielberg’s 1982 film E.T. I constructed an E.T. prop/puppet to walk around  with. The puppet was constructed using cheap and simple objects and materials readily available at any craft store.

ET started as a simple foam cone, stuffing and a white sheet. This is what excites me about building a prop; these everyday items will become a creature from out of this world! The stuffing will be shaped into E.T.’s head and mounted onto the cone that will act as a neck. A box of Reese’s was left on the table (perhaps to lure ET in).


The stuffing was shaped into E.T.’s head. Then mounted to the cone which will act as the neck. To create the shape of ET in the basket this small frame will be placed inside the basket with a sheet over it.


The E.T. frame inside the crate. The frame had to be elevated from underneath to match E.T.’s proper height.


E.T. frame inside the crate.


E.T.’s eyes were glued onto the the stuffing frame. In the film Spielberg talks about how the key to E.T. is his eyes. ET’s eyes are iconic and very recognizable. The eyes would be seen through small holes cut in the white sheet. Keep in mind ET is suppose to be a “kid” dressed as a ghost on Halloween.


The ET prop complete. As a nod to the film and with “Trick or Treat” in mind I added a box of Reese’s into ET’s hand. Inside the crate I had a small Bluetooth speaker to create the illusion that the creature was talking under the sheet.


I also added a light inside the crate. The light was painted so it gave off a blue/red glow, this created a space glow.


Finished costume on Halloween night! Elliot and ET (left) Gertie (right)


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