Home Attraction: UP and Over the Horizon

Personal Projects


(The following project was created in my own home.)     
This project was an original concept inspired by the Disney – Pixar film “UP”.  The attraction’s backstory takes place one year after the events of the film. Carl Fredricksen has moved to Shady Oaks retirement village to enjoy a new life. The retired balloon salesmen is back in business; as an anniversary gift to his late wife Ellie, Carl has turned his new home into the “Carl & Ellie Adventure Clubhouse!” This new clubhouse invites residence of Shady Oaks village to live their dreams of adventure and fly to Paradise Falls.
          The challenge for this project was to sell the concept that riders were in a flying house. To pull off this illusion some simple yet effective tricks were used. The end result was a believable experience that took riders on an adventure that celebrated the music and heart of the Pixar film.


Finished Project:


When riders looked out the window they saw original animation that took guests on a journey to Paradise Falls. This animation is original and created by Cody Reanu.


Behind the scenes on animation with Cody Reanu: Cody will be discussing the challenges of creating the original animation for this project:




Construction Timeline: Project “Adventure Book”



03/02/18 – Construction began on what will become Carl’s clubhouse. This image shows the framework for the queue area and house interior.


03/02/18 – These walls will become a separate room that will act as a holding area for riders.


03/15/18 – The frame work begins on the windows of Carl’s clubhouse. This will be the attraction’s main illusion.


03/17/18 – Monitors will be placed inside these small boxes. Guests will view the monitor through a window. The glass in the framework of the window will be a magnifying sheet; this will magnify the monitor to give the illusion that guests are looking out of a real window.


04/03/18 – (Backside view) The framework for the two separate rooms has been completed.


04/07/18 – Framework for the walls around the windows has started being constructed.


04/07/18 – Window framework (second view)


04/11/18 – This will become the window that guests look out of while riding.


04/17/18  – The first room (Queue Room) has begun getting the first layer of paint. The color scheme is inspired by the colors of a sky.


04/20/18 – A pattern of stripes will be painted on the walls. The stripes were accomplished using painters tape.


04/ 21/18 – First section of stripes is completed.

Above is a test video of the magnifying window illusion: 04/23/18.


04/23/18 – Outside view of window being tested.


04/23/18 – Inside view of the window being tested.


04/27/18 – Stripes completed for queue room.


04/28/18 – The wood surrounding the queue room has been painted dark blue.


04/28/18 – Closeup on stripes.


05/06/18 – Interior walls for Carl’s clubhouse have been put up. The walls are built out of a mixture of wood and cardboard.


05/06/18 – Back view of the interior of Carl’s clubhouse.


05/13/18 – The wooden window frames that will surround the window guests view out of. The ride was inspired by the look of miniatures and doll houses.


05/15/18 – The wooden frames have been added to the left and right side of the window.


05/15/18 – Closeup of the window.


05/19/18 – The queue area will be covered with photos and postcards inspired by Ellie’s adventure book.


05/19/18 – One of the finished collages that will hang on the walls in the queue room.


06/05/18  –  These wooden board will be at the base of Carl’s clubhouse.


06/08/18 – A elevated platform was built to be installed by the viewing area in the ride. Shorter riders will be able to stand on this platform to allow them to see outside the windows.


06/15/18 – The pictures have been installed in the queue area.


06/15/18 – A small tribute to the heart of the film is located inside the exit path of the ride.


06/20/18 – A cleanup view of the near complete queue area.


06/27/18 –  These small pink wooden houses are used as tiling in Carl’s Clubhouse.  These small details enhance the story and overall experience of the ride.


07/02/18 – The interior of Carl’s Clubhouse begins to get props and details.


07/02/18 – The left side of Carl’s clubhouse is dedicated to Carl. Notice the silhouette photo of carl, his balloon salesman hat and the coupon for denture cream tucked behind the picture frame.


07/05/18 – The left side of Carl’s Clubhouse is dedicated to Ellie. Notice the bird tiles, flowers, silhouette photo and bird house.


07/10/18 – Overall view of Carl’s Clubhouse.


(Disney & Pixar own all rights. Creative purpose only)

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