Guardians of the Galaxy Project

The following project was created for personal development only

(Project Videos)
Finished Project Ride through POV
"Lights on" Behind the scenes tour 

Project Construction Photos

3/01/17. The room is cleared for construction.


3/05/17 – The two wooden bases are repurposed from previous projects.  They are being used to frame out the area guests will ride/ view the attraction from.


3/07/17 – The viewing area will be enclosed. The chair is placed as a reference to the rider’s viewpoint.

Below is a time lapse of the base being enclosed.



3/15/17 – A backwards view looking at the base now enclosed.


3/20/17 – The color scheme for this project was inspired by arcade games of the 1980s.


4/5/17 – The final color scheme was copied from Star-Lord’s ship from the Guardians of the Galaxy films.


4/6/17 – Since the story of the attraction has guests entering an arcade game based on The Guardians of the Galaxy, the paint pattern is shaped like the inside of the computer chip.


3/8/17 – The same design and color scheme was carried through the entire structure.




4/15/17 –  Finished paint.


4/20/17 – The area will guests will view the attraction.


4/27/17 – Painting continues.



15 .jpg

5/02/17 – Finished ride base.

16 .jpg

5/10/17 – Framework for the screen. The height reaches 8′ from the ground.

17 .jpg

5/ 20 /17 – The frame that will surround the screen.

18 .jpg

5/ 20/ 17 – The frame’s height and width created a problem for the space I’m in. The frame measures 8′ wide and 8′ tall. The space I’m building in would not allow me to use one complete piece. The frame was cut in half and then reconstructed to fit through the door.

19 .jpg

6/ 02 / 17 – These cardboard cutouts were repurposed from a production at a community theater near me. They have a Sci-Fi design and will be repainted and themed to fit within the storyline.

20 .jpg

6/07/17 – A finished piece, hung in place within the set.


6 / 14/ 17 –  Various cardboard cutouts were hung along the set. Each varried in size, the largest being 7′ tall and the smallest 3′ tall.


6/20/17 – Glow in the dark stars were added to the frame. The glow in the dark stars were chosen to go along with the retro arcade game storyline.

23 .jpg

6/25/17 – A complete view of the near complete structure.

Time lapse : Installing fiber optic light effect


26 .jpg

7 / 01/ 17 – Front view of the fiber optic lights.

25 .jpg

7/01/17 – The back view of the fiber optic lights.


7/10/17 – Guests seating area. Special effects including wind and scent boxes were installed around this viewing area. These effects will be used during the experiance.


7/13/17 – Theming around the area.

29 .jpg

7 / 25/ 17 – Finished set in show lighting.

30 .jpg

7/30/17 – On ride photo.  The fiber optic stars seamlessly blend with the projected stars.

31 .jpg

7/30/17 – On ride photo. The rides finale. Guests come face to face with the Guardians of the Galaxy! (Animation in this scene from Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!)


Original animation: Cody Reanu/ Patrick Fragale.
(Disney & MARVEL own rights to all characters)
(This project was for creative purpose only.)