Peter Pan Project

The following project was created for personal development only.

 Media intro loop. Film credit : Cody Reanu.   Host : Patrick Fragale.

Project Construction Photos.



4/20/15: The base for the nursery set was constructed. The large wooden cabinet was found in an antique store. It will be repurposed as the window in the nursery.


4/25/15 : The nursery set will be fully enclosed. The right side wall has been constructed.


5/2/15:  A donated electric wheel chair was used for the base of the ride vehicle. A wooden frame was built over the wheel chair. The mechanics of the wheel chair will allow riders to rise and fall as if they are flying!


5/8/15: The nursery set is now fully enclosed. Painting has started on the right wall. The color scheme from the animated film will be matched.


5/10/15: The wallpaper design was hand painted. The stripe pattern was laid out using painters tape. Each color was carefully matched to the reference screen shots from the film.


5/15/15: The ride vehicle took inspiration from the opening scene of the animated film. In the film John and Michael build an imaginary ship out of their bed posts. The wooden frame was designed to look as if a child constructed it.


5/19/15: The finished ride vehicle. A skirt was added to fully hide the mechanics of the wheelchair. The chair was operated from the open wall behind.


5/26/15: This is an early test of a projection effect used in the project. Peter Pan’s shadow would fly in and out of the room.

Below is an early test of the Tinker Bell projection effect

The animation was projected onto a scrim material.


6/5/15: The view outside of the nursery set window will recreate the London skyline. Big Ben is printed on a foam board and painted over with UV lighting.


6/21/15: The finished nursery set.


7/2/15: The finished view outside the nursery set window. The London skyline was rear projected behind the cutout of Big Ben. The clouds (above) are cotton stuffing that was sprayed with glow in the dark paint. Black lights were used to create the glow effect.


7/10/15: Small story details in the set. John and Michael’s drawn treasure map. The thimble (Kiss) Wendy gives to Peter Pan.


7/10/15:  The props within the set were bought/ found in various antique stores.


7/13/15:  A simple yet effective illusion was used for the pixie dust. Small pin sized holes were drilled into the walls of the set. When lit from behind the light peeks through creating the illusion of pixie dust.


7/17/15: Pixie dust effect under show lights.


7/23/15: A laser effect was blended with animation to create the world of Neverland.

Project Media
Original Custom Animation Credit: Cody Reanu
Segments/ Images : Disney’s Peter Pan.
Disney owns all characters.
This project was for creative purpose only